Another One Fine Day in Copacabana (version 17 February 2010)

One Fine Day in Copacabana (version 14 February 2010)

In the afternoon, my 3 funky friends, Isabel, Miss J, Momo, and I spent a relaxing moment in Copacabana beach near Leme. Here are some pics from the moment.
Below is yummy shrimp sautee, 1 stick R$ 5 for the large size shrimp

Everybody is a star at Copacabana :)

Rio Samba School Parade, 14 February 2010 (first day)

This night was the second parade for me, after the Sao Paulo one. I was lucky enough to get the ticket for Cadeira (chair fixed seat) at Sector 6 for R$200 (about USD 100) from However, the seat location is not as good as the Caldeira seat at Sao Paulo Sambodrome, and also I had a lot more space at Sao Paulo. Below are some pics from the parade.

Michael Jackson, rised from the grave?! (below)

Nudity was a normal thing during the carnival (below)

Street Parties at Ipanema

Around the Praca General Osorio and the Ipanema Beach, a lot of parties.

Above is my favourite pic of my 3 funky friends at Ipanema

The Rehearsal

Visited the Sambodrome on 12 February 2010, the night before the Parade. Thanks to my couch surfing house, Tiago, and his couch surfing friend, Gui. Gui was joining the Parade on the second day on 14 February 2010 with Samba School Mocidade Alegre, the last year champion. I got also the chance to visit the Samba School when we went to take Gui's costume.
Below is the Sambodrome in Sao Paulo, located in Anhembi Park, one day before the Parade.

Sao Paulo Samba School Parade at Sambodrome 12 February 2010

Bought the most expensive cadeira (chair, fixed seat) ticket for R$ 375 (about USD 200) just one day before the Carnival, this was my first Carnival experience. Satisfied with the seat, took so many pictures that it took a while to select photos to be uploaded here.

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